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See what people are saying about their experience with Raw Pleasure here:

 I would like to say how much respect I have for Raw Pleasure, and for Jennie who does such a wonderful job with all aspects of the business.  From the fantastic range of books, DVD’s, and equipment available; to the excellent quality of the food products; from the efficient deliveries of orders, to the friendly service of Jennie who is always available to answer a question or share a story; from the great forum that is one of the highlights of the Raw Pleasure site, to the organisation of raw events. Jennie does an enormous amount for the promotion of the raw vegan lifestyle without being judgmental, and offers her beautiful wisdom and integrity to all.  I highly recommend Raw Pleasure for any of your “RAW needs”

Leisa Wheeler N.D., www.embracinghealth.com.au

Thanks for the (always) prompt service. RP is the best aussie company I've dealt with as far as service goes. I often get stuff from Overseas faster than most Australian companies...lol.
The more I'm reading about this rice protein the more I'm liking what I read....I wasn't aware for example that whey protein eventually causes allergies in most/all users....or the degree to which it is subjected to chemical extraction processes.
Have a great day dudes.

 I recently made a number of purchases from Raw Pleasure (eg, nut milk bags, vegie spiralizer, Green Star Juicer, Excalibur dehydrator) and have been so impressed with the prompt and friendly service I have received. Thank you also for taking the time and interest to personalise the transactions, it makes a difference :-).
Wishing you love and light
Michelle H

Received my order yesterday, thanks so much for your help and great service.

Kind regards

Thank you so much for all your wonderful communications that are keeping me up to date about my purchases. My first box arrived yesterday. The Agave nectar arrived in perfect order with the nut milk bag (thank you!) and the Non Stick sheets. I also received the nut milk recipe email as well. My dehydrator is on its way - yippee!
Gosh, you guys are like a well oiled machine!
Thank you once again for such wonderful service,
Kylie :)

Thank you again for your delivery! I am looking forward to my future orders.
I will recommend your business any day to everyone with your service so prompt and friendly and you are really going out of your way for your clients.

Love and light

Thank you and thank you for your wonderful service. Both Mark and myself are so pleased with your friendly  and prompt service.
Have a good weekend,

Cheers Carol

Just wanted to thank you for your friendly service and help.
The Alissa Cohen book and DVD are great. She is amazing and I love how easy she makes going raw look.
I hope you have a great day.
Love Sasha xox

I love the way you do business - Feeding back to me where my order is at,
and the speed with which you do it inspires confidence.
Thank You
George K.



Thanks so much!

Our order arrived in no time at all, and we are really enjoying getting
creative with our new uncooking books and equipment.

I can't believe we didn't do this sooner, as within a few days we have felt
the difference, much happier and calmer, and our energy levels more

Warm Vibrations,


Hi Jennie & Bill

Just a quick note to say thanks for the awesome service! I received my book in the mail today and was gobsmacked it had arrived here so quickly. Thank you to whoever wrote the hand note stating 'have an amazing day'....customer service like this is definately something to be proud of and I wish more and more people would do the same.

So thank you....for brigtening my day and I look forward to starting my journey with raw food.
Many smiles from Nth Qld
Katrina :)

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Thank you!