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Raw Pleasure was formed in 2003 by Sheryl and Piers Duruz who had both improved their health upon adopting a diet consisting of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They grew Raw Pleasure over a period of five years before they decided to move to Canada to be closer to Sheryl's family.

Jennie Murphy took over running Raw Pleasure in 2007. Jennie has similar goals to Sheryl and Piers in that she firmly believes that many health problems of today are caused by the foods we eat as well as environmental factors, emotional poise or lack thereof and other factors too.

After eating a predominantly raw diet since December 2006 Jennie has:
  • Lost 20kg
  • Freed herself of depression
  • Stopped drinking alcohol (quite an amazing story!)
  • Stronger nails
  • Loads of curly hair instead of lank thin hair
  • Healthy vibrant skin in place of boil type acne
  • Much improved and normalised menstruation
  • And more!
Raw Pleasure's goal is to reintroduce people to the beauty and richness that is raw food. Whether people want to eat 100% raw food all the time is really a personal decision but there's so much to be gained from a high raw diet.

For more information or to organise an interview with Jennie please email us or call on 1800 729 838 to set up a time.

Thank you!