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Earthing Accessories

Measuring devices, books, cords and more to help you get Earthed...
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4.6 Metre Cord For Sleep Systems & Universal Mat
4.6 Metre straight cord for Earthing Sleep Systems & Universal Mat  ..
GST Included: $0.99
6 Metre Coil Cord For Bands And Patches
A 6 metre coil cord for use with Earthing Band Kit, Bands and Patches..
GST Included: $1.29
Alligator Clip For Earthing Products
The Alligator Clip is used to clip the Digital Ranging Multimeter to the Earthing Splitter Plug..
GST Included: $0.18
Australian Adapter Plug With Built In Splitter
Convenient  power adapter and splitter in one, enables you to connect 2 earthing products at on..
GST Included: $1.00
Book: Dirty Electricity
Dirty Electricity is the underlying menace; causing cancer, speeding up its growth and killing milli..
GST Included: $2.72
Book: Earthing
The solution for chronic inflammation, regarded as the cause of most common modern diseases, has bee..
GST Included: $1.81
Digital Auto Ranging Multimeter Kit
The Cat II Digital Multimeter is used to measure the amount of electrical voltage you are being expo..
GST Included: $2.00
Earthing Product - Splitter Plug
The Splitter Plug is used to connect two products from the Earthing range such as two body bands, or..
GST Included: $0.99
Grounding Rod With Lead
The Ground Rod is used to connect directly to the earth by connecting the extension cord to your pro..
GST Included: $2.63
Power Outlet Tester For Earthing Products
Earth Power Outlet Tester is used to verify that your electrical outlet is wired properly for ground..
GST Included: $1.59
Trifield Gauss Meter For Reading EMFs.
The original TriField ® Meter combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of el..
GST Included: $22.72