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February 2014




About Karen: While Karen has a long history as a raw vegan, She also comes from a family who choose to eat in many different ways. Karen spends a lot of her time lovingly serving her family with the healthiest versions she can create of the foods they love and they adore her for it. When you click through to her blog, be aware that you will come across non-veg*n recipes.

Become A Raw Food Teacher With Nomi Shannon...

So many people are working in jobs they dislike, feeling trapped and unhappy so it's no great surprise that when switching to a raw, or high raw lifestyle, that people are delighted to feel great and want to share it with the world. But how? Nomi Shannon is an amazing powerhouse of a women with more energy and drive at 70 than most of us ever have. She is often asked how to go about starting a Raw Food business so recently sent out a survey asking 100 potential raw food teachers,

"What is your biggest challenge re: creating a SUCCESSFUL raw food teaching business?"

How do I even get started?
What is my niche, who do I teach, how do I find them?
What should I charge?
Where would I teach?· Do I need to lease a place?         
How do I promote it?
I don't feel confident enough
I need help getting organized
I need step by step instructions
The cost of food and a venue
Do I need to be licensed?
Do I need to be a nutritionist?

and many more!

Nomi has been teaching about Raw Foods for years and has a strong desire to teach others how to teach raw foods so the message can be passed on and on and on!

Nomi very humbly says that she is no pioneer and that the true pioneers of raw food are people like Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. Bernard Jensen. But I disagree. I think of Nomi being a pioneer of raw food as we know it today. Nomi wrote one of the first gourmet raw books that helped people see beyond salad and apples (not that there's anything wrong with that!) and launched Raw Foods as a way of life into a whole new market place.

If you're considering becoming a raw food teacher and would like to learn from one of the most experienced, helpful, practical and successful people in the business, click HERE.


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Specials available until 31st March or until sold out. Whichever comes first!

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If you're receiving this then you have successfully signed up for our f,ree ebook 'The Simple Guide To Eating Raw'. We've had a few emails lately from people saying they haven't received it.

Please know that once you are subscribed you can download your free ebook at any time from Simply click on the link, www.raw-pleasure.com.au/digitalguide/ and enter the email address you registered with. This doesn't sign you up for anything, just ensures that you are truly registered.

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Thank you!



Green Star Elites are a top of the range juicer made for home use. With their sleek design, ease of use and their 12 year warranty it's no wonder they're so popular!

Click HERE for more information.

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