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Raw Food in Australia

Eating and health should go hand in hand, and enjoyment of delicious raw foods certainly makes eating healthy easy. That's why we named our company Raw Pleasure. We occasionally get teased for such a  risqué name, but for our customers who are searching for raw food products and information, they understand our meaning and love it!

Sheryl & Piers in Hawaii We (Sheryl and Piers) started Raw Pleasure together in 2003. Sheryl is from Canada, and Piers is from Australia. They met then discovered the raw food together when they were living in Canada. Upon return to Australia they had difficulty finding any of the raw food products they had enjoyed. A need was seen, and thus came Raw Pleasure. Since then they have provided products, education and events around Australia to bring together the raw food community and increase awareness of raw food in Australia.

At www.Raw-Pleasure.com.au you will find:

  • The Raw Pleasure Community Forum - A great place to meet others, socialize, ask questions and have fun. You will also learn about free events around Australia here.
  • The Raw Food Shop - Hundreds of books, raw food equipment and raw food products to enjoy.
  • Regular Raw Food News - Find new raw food updates, recipes and articles on the front page almost every day.

If you'd like to experience raw foods hands on with us please contact us about live events offered in Australia and other tropical destinations:

Sheryl's before photo