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2 Scrumptious & Easy Christmas Recipes, December Specials & More!

December 2013

Mmmmm.... are you getting ready for Christmas? We are! In case you missed it, check out last week's newsletter for two delicious recipes designed with Christmas in mind.

This week we have another two for you. I think you'll agree they're beautiful! Once you create these in your kitchen, you'll agree they're scrumptious as well I'm sure!

Delish! Did that get your tastebuds rolling around in delight? I think I'm going to serve this fruit platter with both dried and fresh fruit!

About Karen: While Karen has a long history as a raw vegan, She also comes from a family who choose to eat in many different ways. Karen spends a lot of her time lovingly serving her family with the healthiest versions she can create of the foods they love and they adore her for it. When you click through to her blog, be aware that you will come across non-veg*n recipes.

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Raw Pleasure's Holiday Office Hours

This year we'll be finishing at midday on the 24th December. We'll be back for reduced hours on the 6th of January at 9am QLD time. For a full list of dates and times, click HERE.

To ensure your order arrives on time, we highly recommend placing your order on or before 15th of December for the East Coast, and on or before the 9th of December for Western Australia.

NT Folks, Things can be dicey at the best of times geting things to you guys! If you're ordering for Christmas, please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Jennie xx

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If you're receiving this then you have successfully signed up for our f,ree ebook 'The Simple Guide To Eating Raw'. We've had a few emails lately from people saying they haven't received it.

Please know that once you are subscribed you can download your free ebook at any time from http://raw-pleasure.com.au/digitalguide/ Simply click on the link, and enter the email address you registered with. This doesn't sign you up for anything, just ensures that you are truly registered.

If you do get an error message saying the file is damaged, please go back to the download page and update your Adobe. The ebook will then download perfectly.

Thank you!

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In our recent survey one request we had often was "you guys need a YouTube channel. Well... we have one! You can check out our vids HERE.


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