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Order Collection:

Orders can be collected Monday – Thursday between 9.30am and 2pm. Please email or call us on one of the numbers above to arrange a collection time so we can be sure to have your order ready. All orders must be completed and paid in full prior to arrival.

Welcome to Raw Pleasure!

If you want to talk about raw food or have some general questions you would like to ask please visit the forums. They are the perfect place to learn more.

As you probably could get we get a LOT of emails and while we are certainly happy to be responding to all of them, we do understand that some of you want answers quicker than we can reply to you so we've set up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for you. We've tested this while we were away over Christmas in 2010 and out of the thousands of emails that we responded to when we returned, only two truly needed our attention. Yes TWO! All of the other answers were available on our FAQ page.

We've really tried hard to anticipate what you will need, from Do You Sell Hydrogen Peroxide? to How Do I Reset My Password, with some video tutorials, most of it is covered there. We invite you to check the FAQ page for your question. You may receive your answer within minutes rather than hours!

Click here for our FAQ page ->>> http://raw-pleasure.com.au/faq

If you have a specific product or order related question that you need a Raw Pleasure staff member to answer please use the form below.

If you have had a problem with our site you will be helped much more quickly if you fill out the Report Site Issues form. This sends an email directly to our techie who will be able to fix things with the information provided in the form most of the time.

Thank you.