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How To Make Your Blender Last A Long Long Time! Print
Written by Jennie Murphy   

People who know us well know that we love our blenders. In particular we are very partial to the Vita-mix Blender for a large blender and The Tribest Personal Blender for a smaller blender. However you can start of with a cheaper blender and even using it as often as a raw foodie does, make them last a long time using just a few simple tips.

1. If you have a variable speed, start on the slow speed and build to top speed over a second or two. You would not start your car, even if you had the best quality car in the world, on full speed so why do the same to your blender? Also, go back down to the slowest speed over a second or two before switching off your blender.

2. If you have a variable speed blender, do blend at the highest speed unless a recipe specifically requires a slow blend. Blender motors have to work harder at slow speeds than they do at high speeds and many a person has strained the motor on their blender by using it at low speeds to conserve power and enzymes. So use your blender at high speed. It will love you for it!

3. Wait until the blades have completely stopped spinning before removing the jug or cups from the base. This is one of the main reasons that peoples blenders break. By repeatedly taking the jug off the base while the clutch is still spinning the whole machine gets stressed. The parts of the blender base that are spinning don't like it and neither do the parts of the jug that spin. You can get longer life from your blender by exercising just a second or two's patience when you turn the blender off.

4. Clean your blender right away. You can keep your jug looking fresh longer by just cleaning it as soon as you have finished. We just use water each time we use it. Once a month or so we do wash the jug in warm soapy water just to keep our mothers happy! But mostly we just use water, turn the blender on for a few seconds and then rinse. 90% of the time this gets rid of everything left in the blender. When you do this, you don't get food stuck to the jug that children try to scrape off instead of soaking off. The scraping can scratch up your jug and it won't look as pretty.

5. If you have a high quality expensive blender, get it serviced! I have a beautiful friend who had had her Vitamix for 18 years when it started to 'sound funny'. When she rang Vita-mix in the USA they asked her if she'd ever had it serviced. She had not, so her blender got a service which cost around $180.00USD and it's been working perfectly ever since!

6. If you have a high speed blender with a tamper, start your blending tamper free. It's much more difficult for the blender to get moving with a tamper stuck in there! Get it moving and then use your tamper. Much better for your blender!